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The Monkey Quiz was a long-awaited and very welcome chance to experience a team challenge together - exactly what we were looking for for our team at five locations in northern Germany! Two hours of quiz fever from 0 to 100: tricky questions, music, logic and trick questions. We tested our knowledge in eight teams, took the risk and, above all, had a lot of fun. Our entertainer Natalia from Monkey-Quiz motivated us in a very friendly way and teased our fighting spirit out of us - absolutely recommendable!


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We were very excited to see how the Monkey Quiz team would organize an exciting evening for over 30 groups and 150 participants. And what a great event that was! The internal positive feedback came during the first round of guessing and there was no team that wasn't completely carried away. Varied, funny and extremely professional. So a success across the board. In addition, bilingual English / German. What more do you want? This was certainly not the last time and the colleagues are already asking about the next appointment! Thank you Monkey Quiz!



What a great evening!
Our agency of more than 30 people was confidently guided through a mega-fun evening by the Monkey Quiz team. Knowing, guessing, hoping, fearing and laughing lay very close together. The questions were difficult and yet solvable. This professional and fun quiz as a guided company event has done all colleagues very well, especially these days.


We organized an online pub quiz as a team event with MonkeyQuiz. Natalia is a nice, super helpful host and game master who explains everything in detail and knows how to motivate the colleagues and keep them happy. The questions were all very different and also adapted to us as a group, so that everyone on the team could contribute something. It was a lot of fun. Only to recommend :)

Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners Management


It was a lot of fun because they weren't ordinary quiz questions. The 1.5 hours were over far too quickly. Again any time!

Panama advertising agency


A nice evening! Everyone had fun!
The quiz was moderated really cool. Thanks to the perfect mix of questions, everyone was able to guess and the time flew by. It lightened the mood of the whole team, awakened the fighting spirit and at the same time strengthened cohesion. Highly recommended for corporate events!


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