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Play Pub Quiz Online - With Monkey Quiz

We fromMonkey Quiz have set ourselves the goal of giving you a wonderful evening. Whether online from home or ina bar. Especially since Corona has been getting on our nerves, it has become increasingly important to stick together and connect with friends. That's exactly why we created our online pub quizzes. We have teams playing with their family in the US or their friends in Norway.Monkey Quiz connects - and we are very proud of that.

Pub quiz online - How does it work?

It's easy. We put our quiz online on YouTube and you connect with us via Zoom or teams for the online pub quiz. This way you can talk and exchange ideas with your friends while we hold the pub quiz online via the YouTube stream. Offline, our teams are limited to a certain number of players, but online this is no longer an obstacle either. You only buy 1 team ticket for an online pub quiz and you can let as many players play as you want. However, we recommend a maximum of 6, otherwise it just gets very confused and confusing.

How much does an online pub quiz cost?

We live for and from our online pub quiz - you can tell by the quality of the questions! We have played many other free online pub quizzes and could not find anywhere of a quality that met our needs. It's no wonder: Who can put a full week's work into something and then not earn anything? Therefore, our online pub quiz costs €20 per team.

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