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Harry Potter von Monkey-Quiz

At Monkey Quiz we are big fans of Harry Potter. We love the Potter world, we know the books by heart and we can lip-sync the movie as it rolls! Because we know our stuff so well, we can write really great Harry Potter quizzes! We always try to have something for everyone: we have difficult and less difficult questions, we have pure knowledge questions and very logical questions that you can only come up with if you know Harry Potter and train your logical thinking! During the game your triumphs will earn your house points, while some wrong answers will lose house points! Sign up for the game and you won't regret it!

Play Harry Potter Quiz now for free, wherever you are!

We made a video of our first and second game together. Gather your Potter fan friends, click the button below, print out the answer sheets we have prepared for you, answer our questions and remember the great story! At the moment the game is only available in German, but we are working hard to offer it in English as well.

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