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Harry Potter home quiz

The rules of the game are explained in the video. Gather your friends, print out the answer sheets, answer the questions, choose the winner and celebrate the great story!

PS: Don't sneak-peak until you're ready to play! Once you see the questions - you cannot unsee them and you do not want to cheat, right?!

Did you like the game? Do you want more?

The Ministry of Magic is coming to Hamburg soon, and a day later they will Apparate right into your homes to determine which team will master the OWLs and win the Magic Prize! 36 great questions, 6 rounds and 2 hours of fun! You can register a team (maximum 9 people for the offline quiz and no limit for the online quiz)! We accept any type of quizzer, whether wizard or muggle! Play with many other Potter fans, answer questions, sip some Butterbeer and enjoy the game!

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